Radio Caroline is all around you. You can't see it, you can't smell it, but you can HEAR IT!
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THE GANGPLANK - welcome aboard the Radio Waves web site
THE BRIDGE - a guide to the pages on this web site
THE MEMORIES - the swinging sixties
THE RADIO STATIONS - a summary of the offshore atations that were audible in the UK
THE SHIPS - a summary of the offshore radio ships broadcasting to the UK
SOUNDS OF THE SEA - Offshore radio jingles and songs
THE CHART ROOM - album and singles charts
TODAY'S RADIO OFFERINGS - Bureaucrasy and boredom
ROCK THE BOAT - music no longer heard on the radio
THE ROSS REVENGE TODAY - a pictorial tour of the famous Radio Caroline ship
THE LEGEND LIVES ON - the spirit is still alive
THE CAPTAIN'S LOG - sign the log and say hello
THE RADIO LINK - the best radio and music web sites
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The story of the rise and fall of offshore radio and how it affected the music industry.

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Welcome aboard my hearties!

Here, at the Radio Waves web site, you will all kinds of interesting information relating to offshore radio and real rock music. You can find your way around the pages by following the links on the left. More comprehensive details of how to find what you are looking for can be found on The Bridge, and you can search for any word or group of words using the local search facility on the right and on The Bridge.

Amongst these pages you will find a personal story - my own memories of offshore radio. No exciting swash and buckle tales of pirates at sea, just a listener's tale. Also, I tell of my kind of music, proper rock music, that isn't heard on UK radio any more. If you listened to Radio Caroline in the seventies and eighties, you'll know what I am talking about.You can read my reviews of recent releases and buy the CDs on line, too.

And you can take a pictorial tour of the queen of offshore radio stations, Radio Caroline, and enjoy sound clips and jingles from those wonderful days.

You can read (and sign) the Captain's Log, where visitors leave their comments, and add an entry of your own if you wish. You may be surprised to find the spirit of free radio still exists; I am not alone at clinging to my memories and dreaming of a new era of really free radio.

Many of the pages include sound files of jingles from those offshore days. If you don't want to hear them, turn your speakers down now and answer "no" if you receive a prompt to download and install the real Audio plug-in for your browser.

Enjoy your visit, and come back as often as you like.

Jolly Roger


Naturally, the contents of this web site is copyright. But I don't mind anybody making private use of any of the information or photographs found here. However, anybody wishing to make commercial use (ie for profit) of any of the contents of this web site should ask me first. I don't bite, I don't rip people off, it is just nice to be asked and know what is going on.


I am grateful to Jim Parkes for allowing me to supplement my memories with dates and information from his Encyclopedia of Offshore Radio, and to Mike Brand, Paul Rusling and many others for keeping me fed with news snippets. Many thanks to Radio Caroline for their permission to reproduce their jingles on this web site.